Wanting or thinking about Microblading your eyebrows? We have you covered..

What is Microbladed Eyebrows?
Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup, meaning its basically a tattoo… we know that sounds scary but it really isn’t! See the difference is the Microblading outcome and procedure is different to what a tattoo would be. This is because a small handheld tool made up of tiny microblades is used instead of a tattoo gun, this helps create natural, super fine and crisp hair strokes on the skin. That’s right hair strokes! Your brows will look natural after this procedure and not a block colour like you’d expect when you hear the word “tattoo”.

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Why would I want / do I need microblading?
Microblading is good for both women and men! It’s a perfect solution for anyone that has sparse to no eyebrows, someone who doesn’t want to fill in with makeup anymore, recovering cancer patients, you lack confidence, you would love to look good and feel good about yourself, literally anyone can have this and there’s no reason why you couldn’t (unless something medical is stopping you). It is entirely up to you and your preference! Some people have it purely make their brows darker and fuller, so its an amazing procedure to have for cosmetic reasons as well as needing it because you over plucked back in the 90’s. 

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What age range is Microblading suitable for?
As said above Microblading suits all different needs client to client, it really doesn’t matter on age well actually you must be over 18!! Something we hear often is clients telling us ‘I’m too old to have Microblading.’ STOP yourself right there, you are 100% not! Our previous microbladed clients age ranges from 18-65+. 

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Do I need a patch test?
One big simple answer…YES!! We would never proceed with your treatment if you have not received a patch test or consultation from us… no matter how much you beg. We cannot stress how important a patch test and consultation is!

What is involved in the procedure?
First of all, consultation! Believe it or not this is the most important part of your procedure. In your consultation we will determine what you want to achieve from microblading and if its right for you. If we don’t believe it is, for example because you want to cover up an old tattoo or microblading, depending on the depth we will say no. We will not work on anything that could potentially make your brows look unpleasant, but fear not we will recommend other things so maybe in the future we could work on them. We will also look into your health and medical side of things, unfortunately something like this could stop you from having it done, this is why we give you 10,000 pages to read and fill out, we have to be certain don’t we! Don’t worry its not that many but does sure feel like it ha-ha. Once we are happy you are eligible for the procedure we will do a patch test, of both the pigment (colour) and numbing, then we wait, wait to see if you react over the next few days. If you do, we are sorry but no new eyebrows for you. We haven’t ever come across anyone to react so fingers crossed it stays that way!

Once we are happy with the consultation and patch test results then we will get you booked in for the procedure. Its important to know that it is a 2-part process, you’ll have your first treatment and then your first top up which is essential.

When you come in for your first treatment we will start by applying the numbing and mapping out your eyebrows, this is just a formality so we can see exactly where they should technically be. Once this is done you will have a look so we can see where to change the shape to what you would like, this just helps give you an idea. We map them out by using a measuring tool and pencil, so yes this isn’t the permanent bit just yet. We will then discuss your colour options, once we have decided on shape and colour we will begin microblading.

Being a handheld tool, you’re probably wondering how the colour gets into the skin, its actually a very straight forward procedure. The blade is inserted into a pen for us therapists to hold, and then we dip the blade into the pigment (colour) and then apply it into the skin creating a hair stroke, so each hair stroke is done individually. We know it sounds like a lengthy process, and yes, it is, but that is so we can perfect the brows to you!

Once they’re done we will go through the after-care procedures and see you in 4-6 weeks for your first top up!

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Does Microblading hurt?
Everyone feels differently right? So, we can’t say yes or no… sorry not sorry! But from our experience, from having the procedure done and doing it for years we would say the best way to describe it is that its just very scratchy! You’ll be pleased to know we do use numbing cream, before the procedure is carried out and also throughout, you are welcome! Some people actually find the small scratching sound a lot worse than what it feels like.

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Does microblading fade?
With no touch-ups, microblading should fade completely within two years after the initial service. Microblading strokes are meant to look like your natural hairs, to blend in like they are hair. They are meant to fade with time and if you would like to keep up with the look, touch-ups are 100% vital. Depending on your skin type the fading process could be a shorter length of time or actually even longer!

Will they look big?
The answer is no, well unless that’s the look you would prefer of course?
Microblading is bespoke and tailor made to your face shape, we will discuss shape, colour, thickness and style before the blade ever touches the skin, do not panic!

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How do I know what shape and colour they will be?
We know its natural to worry about this, we did too when we had our brows done for the first time! But before any pigment is implanted into the skin your therapist will go through absolutely everything beforehand, the shape is measured and drawn out on your brows and this can be adapted as many times as necessary to get the shape that YOU like. The pigment is then tested on the skin, we put a blob on your skin and then basically spread it out, by doing this you can see what the colour will look like to begin with and then what the colour will heal/fade too. We will show a few different shades that we would recommend by also looking into your skin type and hair colour to find a good match! 

Can men have microblading?
ABSOLUTELY! Why not? Some wives/partners might not approve but who cares, they are your brows ha-ha!

How long does it last?
Microblading is designed to last for up to 2 years after your first treatment and first top up. So yes, were sorry to say you will need to come back and have a top up and go through it again! But you’ll thank us after we can promise you that! Basically, because microblading is semi-permanent it will not last forever like a tattoo, this is a good thing! Fashions change, your face will change, meaning we can adapt your eyebrows over time. Everyone’s lifestyle is different, everyone’s skin is different so unfortunately, we can’t give you a specific time to come back (2 years is an estimate) because these factors will have an impact on your microbladed eyebrows. For example… do you go in the sun a lot? If so, they would probably fade a bit prematurely to someone who doesn’t, don’t worry were not stopping you from tanning it up on holiday but you get the idea. Note nothing can be taken away but it can be added too.

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Why do I need a top up after my treatment?
After your first treatment you need to come back for a top up, this top up is included in your first treatment. This is ESSENTIAL, but why? When you first have them done, we don’t always know how they’re going to heal and settle into the skin and how you look after them also plays a factor. The top up procedure will be the same as the first except we won’t need to measure out as much. The top up goes over the first strokes to make sure they can last up to 2 years, and also fill in any possible gaps and extend any strokes. This also gives you the chance to live with your new brows for 4-6 weeks, for some people they haven’t had brows at all or like this before so although they love them they can be a bit of a shock, which is absolutely a natural and normal feeling. The top up also gives you the opportunity to add more or make them darker, but note we cannot take anything away, so most people naturally go a bit finer and lighter to begin with as expected. But also take into consideration that if we add a lot more than expected in your top up appointment then these bits will need another top up, as its they’re first time being implanted into the skin. Sometimes we would rather do that so we can build up your eyebrows instead of going full on to begin with but only if your desired look is hugely different to what you have naturally. 

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What happens after microblading?
It is ESPECIALLY important to listen to your therapist on what to do after your microblading appointment as this will determine the overall outcome. Although we do all the work, its up to you to look after them. In detail we will explain all the aftercare needed and even give you cleaner and oil to take home with you, its handed to you with a sheet of paper with all the guidelines written out, its easy! You wouldn’t spend a lot of money on a brand new car and then drive it into a post would you? Well we hope not anyway, but the same principle applies, you’re spending a substantial amount on your eyebrows so look after them, they’re on your face! At least if you scratched your brand new car you could hide it or get it fixed. So please just follow the aftercare and we will welcome you back in a couple of years to top them up.

I’ve heard some strange things about the healing process? Why do they get darker?
After your microblading procedure the healing process can be a funny time for some. We describe it in 4 stages, it takes 4 weeks for them to fully heal and each week you’ll be at a different stage of healing. 

Week 1 – your eyebrows will be dark, crisp and feel tight

Week 2 – your eyebrows will start to look patchy, this is because the skin is healing so it will probably come off in flakes. They will also look like they’ve faded. This is good, this is normal. Just don’t pick them!

Week 3 – tends to be like week 2 but a little worse, sorry!

Week 4 – your brows are in the final stage of healing so the dead skin and flakes will be going if not gone and the pigment is coming back.

You’ll also wonder why your brows actually look like they’re getting darker in the first week, we wont lie they do get darker but they don’t stay this way, it is just part of the healing process as the pigment is settling into the skin!

The important thing to know when your brows are healing is to be patient, it’s a waiting game once they’ve been microbladed but its worth it. In the aftercare advice we will explain as and when to clean them and when to moisturise them and ALL the do’s and don’ts, so don’t panic. Also we find that sometimes after going through all the effort to explain all of the above when you’re having the procedure, you’ll come back and tell us that didn’t happen and they were fine, which is great news but I guess we just want to prepare you for the worst! 

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Don’t just take our word for it..

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When can I book in?
Whenever you like! Just make sure you book the patch test and consultation first! BOOK HERE

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