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Ahhh waxing waxing waxing, most people have probably tried it and said, “nope never again!” and to be honest, we feel your pain, why would you want to cause voluntary pain on yourself?

Well we are going to tell you why so keep reading otherwise we will hunt you down with a spatula!!! But no seriously the benefits are waaaayyy better than what it feels like and it DOES get better in time we can promise you that!

Firstly, its not as bad as it sounds, we do joke about it but its genuinely just scratchy. Most of our clients who have been waxing for years will stand by this, they find waxing relaxing and probably prefer a bikini wax to a leg wax! YEP you read that right!
Look at these results below we collected from a few of our waxing clients only, over 50% wouldn’t go anywhere else for their waxing… we take great pride in being experts throughout our treatment menu.

According to our survey – yes we have tabs on you and no we are not ashamed ha-ha! 80% of you like to travel and go on holiday, well we tell you what if that’s not the main reason to start waxing then we don’t know what is? Did you know… you will see a difference in your hair regrowth just after a few appointments? That is with no interruptions in between appointments so we forbid you to pick up that horrible razor ever again!

When you shave, you cut the hair which causes it to grow thicker and faster. However when you wax, the hair is pulled right from the root, mostly also taking the follicle with it, meaning that in time it will grow back slower, finer and in some areas maybe not at all (all depending on your hair type etc). So whereas at home you would probably shave maybe twice a week? Well with waxing you’ll only need to do it once a month! So not only does it benefit your hair growth it will save you a whole lot of hassle too, and let’s be honest we all like an easy life don’t we?
Waxing also helps those horrible and annoying ingrowing hairs you often unwantedly receive after shaving!!
Please take a look below at our survey we mentioned earlier but this time the results are about why people wax… what category do you come under?
If you haven’t waxed before but are thinking of starting hopefully these results will help you feel positive and confident in the reasons why you want to and should start and give you that motivation to start your waxing journey… you really won’t regret it!!

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Waxing can be a bit of a journey for some people because everyone’s hair is different, which is why we cannot say this enough but you do need to be patient with it if you want to see good results. Anytime is a good time to start waxing, but having said that, you need to wait 4 weeks in between appointments and you probably don’t want to grow the hair in the height of the summer do you? We didn’t think so, so start your waxing journey if you haven’t already after the summer and it will prep you perfectly for the following summer!

You see, waxing might be slightly uncomfortable but think about it, adding up all the info… can you see why it’s perfect for sun sponges on holiday?
Also just take a look at further results from our survey above and how well our waxing clients are satisfied with our waxing products & treatments, again as said before you won’t regret it ?
We hope you’re dreaming of smooth legs and underarms now!!


What wax products do we use?
At Diamonds we take great pride in researching and being able to offer the BEST and top-quality products throughout all our treatment’s. With waxing we use a brand called Ashmira Botanica and the best part (well for us girls hehe) the wax is purple and has GLITTER in it!! Anyways we got a bit excited there the main reason why we love this brand is because with these incredible waxing products we guarantee the following:

Mulberry Wax
Our mulberry wax used for more intimate area’s spreads super thin and dries in seconds

No residue
Wild violet strip wax used for most if not almost all area’s of waxing. This gorgeous wax removes cleanly from the skin leaving no sticky residue

Caring for your skin
Our pre and post wax care products turn waxing into a treatment, nourishing and caring for your skin

Banish ingrown hairs
Banish your ingrown hairs, spots and dry skin with Ashmira Botanica pre and post care products

Huge range
Salon products are complimented with a complete range of affordable home care products to really look after your skin between waxes

Who can have waxing?
Anyone over 16, male and female.

What can you have waxed and how long does it take?
Timing will depend on the area you’re having waxed:

Brow wax and shape / tweeze (15 mins)

Lip or Chin (5 mins) / Lip & Chin (10 mins)

Bikini Line from (5 mins)

Extended Bikini Line from (10mins)

Brazilian from (15 mins)

Hollywood from (15 mins)

Under Arm (15 mins)

Full Arm (15 mins)

Forearm (15 mins)

Half Leg (15 mins)

Full leg (30 mins)

Abdomen / Strip from Belly button – Bikini (15 / 5 mins)

Inner Nose(5 mins)

Half leg & Hollywood (30 mins)

Full Leg & Brazilian (45 mins)

Full leg & Hollywood (45 mins)

Full Body wax *brows, lip, underarm, full leg and bikini (60 mins)

Back or chest wax (30 mins)

Back and chest wax (45 mins)

Back and full arm wax (45 mins)

Back and top of arm wax (45 mins)

Back, chest and full arm wax (60 mins)

Back, chest and top of arm wax (60 mins)

Is waxing painful?
Hair removal cannot be pain free (sorry!) because a hair is being removed from the follicle, and if you’ve been a shaver for a while then the hairs are going to be at its thickest, so overtime this will reduce as the hairs become finer and thinner. Also please bare in mind that if you’re having a stressful day, or on your menstrual cycle then you will be more sensitive. Its important for us to stretch the skin as much as possible to help reduce the pain too so don’t be offended if we ask you to help pull and stretch some areas, we only have 2 hands!

How do I know what wax is right for me?
Upon booking we will explain what they all entail and figure out what areas you want to treat, you’d also have a consultation before your appointment.

How often should I have it?
It does depend on the area and also some people can go longer between their appointments, but we would recommend 4-6 weeks.

How long does the hair need to be to be removed effectively?
Leave it at least 3 weeks after shaving, this will ensure they are long enough to be removed effectively. After your first wax its less likely you will be silky smooth as the hairs are all growing at different rates as a cause of shaving, so it will take a few waxing appointments to completely get the hairs at a similar growing rate.

Should I trim the hair before my appointment?
Absolutely not, its what we are for and you may run the risk of trimming it too short.

What will my hair grow back like?
The more you have it done, the thinner and finer the hairs will grow back YAY! They will not come back darker and thinner like when you shave regularly.

Is waxing ok if I get ingrown hairs?
Yes, in fact waxing is an exfoliant so this will help prevent them.

I have sensitive skin, will waxing irritate me?
No, we have done so much research and testing into our products, and we are confident that it is amazing for all skin types whilst not effecting the hair removal process. No sticky residue left and beautiful creams and lotions to use alongside to help prep, calm and smooth the skin. We use 2 types of wax, warm and hot, they are suited to different areas and skin types so we really can tailor your wax to your needs!

Retail products survey results ^^

I’ve heard some horror stories with intimate waxing, what is it really like?
Ignore what you’ve heard and try it out for yourself. We take pride in how we wax and will make you feel 100% comfortable with our disposable underwear and positioning. Remember, we do this all day everyday and you’re in the hands of a skilled waxer.

Will my skin be sore after my wax?
If it is your first wax you are likely to feel a little sore yes, because your skin and hairs are thick and not used to it, all skin types react differently however it will become less sensitive each time you wax. We do recommend you wear lose clothing to avoid friction and allow the skin to breath. As we previously said we are proud of our waxing products and can assure you, along with our techniques the products will be the best for your waxed skin.

Waxing aftercare?
This is always important to follow as your skin and hair has just gone through some trauma. So, top tip… always listen to your therapist. If you have questions, ask them!


  • Sunbath/sunbed for at least 24 hours after a wax
  • Have a hot bath/shower – the heat can irritate the skin and feel sore
  • Touch the area too much – bacteria can get into the open pores and cause spots
  • Shave in between appointments – this will interrupt your waxing cycle and routine
  • Fake tan before or after a wax – if you want to, wait 24 hours after your appointment
  • Drink Alcohol Before Your Wax- while drinking alcohol before your wax might seem like a good idea to help reduce the amount of pain you feel, the alcohol can thin your blood making your skin even more sensitive
  • Wear Tight Clothes- wearing tight clothing to your waxing appointment will irritate your skin post-wax. Loose fitting pants are more comfortable post-wax, so choose something that will give your skin some room to breathe


  • Exfoliate before your appointment – this will help get rid of any dead skin cells covering up some hair meaning your waxing appointment will be more beneficial and efficient for you
  • Moisturise daily – keep your skin nourished – wax does not like dry skin
  • Return in 4-6 weeks to continue your hair removal process

Can I purchase waxing retail products to use before and after my waxing appointment?
Yes of course, we offer a range of beautiful retail products within our Ashmira Botanica brand. We even have some samples in salon, please ask your therapist to pick some up to take home and try ?

How can I make an appointment with you?
We would love for you to become a client of Diamonds Beauty Rooms.
To book now simply either:
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